Western Cross Ranch -  Broodmares

We love the halter and performance show rings, but without these lovely ladies, we wouldn't have the pleasure of participating in those venues.  Western Cross takes great pride in having developed an unusually solid breeding program, based on the blood of *Ali Jamaal, Bey Shah+, and *Gazal Al Shaqab, which offers clients a large choice of extremely typey, charismatic, well-conformed, and trainable young horses with excellent pedigrees.  Great stallions are important, but we believe it is high quality mares that truly set a breeding program apart.  Foals out of our mares have gone on to be valued parts of show and breeding programs around the world!
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JE Ali Selene
1990 Bay Purebred Mare
(*Ali Jamaal  x  OF Foltrokaa by *Paltrok)

Selene is high on the list of AHW Aristocrat Mares with 8 champions offspring, including WC Ciao Bella+/, WC Ali Gazal, WC Xceptshahnal, and WC Godiva.  We believe she is the top-producing daughter of *Ali Jamaal!

Selene gave us two lovely *Pogrom fillies in 2013.
Lady Bey Khelishah 
1992 Bay Purebred Mare
(Bey Shah+  x  JA Khesia by Fire On Ice)

Khelishah is an Arabian Horse World Aristocrat Mare, and she is the dam of many beautiful champion offspring, including WC Renoir, WC Marenah, WC Martini, and WC Gorgeous Gazal. Gorgeous 2016 bay colt by WC Ciao Psyche! 
WC Marissa
2010 Bay Purebred Mare
(Marwan Al Magnifficoo  x  WC Gorgeous Gazal by *Gazal Al Shaqab)

Marissa is an exotic regional reserve champion halter filly with tons of snort and blow.  Sho is double *Gazal Al Shaqab.  Marissa gave us a handsome LC Athens (*Regal Actor JP x Genevieve C) colt in 2016!  
WC Ciao Bella+/           EMBRYOS AVAILABLE
2004 Bay Purebred Mare
(Xceptshahn x JE Ali Selene by *Ali Jamaal)

WC Ciao Bella+/  is the most nationally titled halter mare in North America, and now is our third AHW Aristocrat Mare - with champion offspring by four different stallions.
Check out our foals page for photos of the beautiful fillies by Versace and AJ Portafino in 2017!
WC Serenity
2005 Bay Purebred Mare
(Renaissanse x JE Ali Selene by *Ali Jamaal)

Serenity is a tall, typey, big eyed, long necked, double *Ali Jamaal granddaughter with plenty of snort and blow.  She is proving to be one of our best producers of mostly fillies.  Two fillies sold overseas, but her 2013 Art Dekko filly (Region 9 Top 4 Sweepstakes Filly) is available.  Serenity gave us a gorgeous Afterdark filly in 2017! See the photos on our foal page!

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WC Enya Dreams
2002 Bay Tobiano 3/4 Arabian Mare
(Renaissanse  x  CM Morningstar+++/)

Enya is a champion show mare and an outstanding broodmare!  Enya's 2010 filly and 2011 gelding, both by WC Ali Gazal, have earned many National Titles in halter, and both are now taking the performance ring by storm!  In 2017 Enya gave us a beautiful bay tobiano colt by WC Ciao Psyche!

AJ Portafino x WC Ciao Bella+/  by Xceptshahn (Purebred)

*Kanz Albidayer x WC Lady Bey Dakhara by *Dakharo (Purebred)
Afterdark H x WC Ciao Bellissima by Renaissanse (Purebred)

Monticello V x WC Destined For Fame by WC Ali Gazal (Purebred)

WC Ali Gazal x WC Dont Sass Me by Renaissanse (Half-Arabian)

WC Ali Gazal x MTS Cristal by Aicyng (Half-Arabian)

Versace x WC Ciao Bella+/ by Xceptshahn (Purebred)

WC Ciao Psyche x WC Enya Dreams by Renaissanse (Half-Arab)

WC Ali Gazal x Mahotah LIsa by Renaissanse (Purebred)

Afterdark H x WC Serenity by Renaissanse (Purebred)

WC Ali Gazal by WC Fames Monet by Renaissanse (Purebred)

​WC Ciao Psyche x WC Enya Wildestdreams by WC Ali Gazal (Half-Arab)
Cuervos Valantina
1999 Bay Tobiano 7/8 Arab Mare
(MJD Cuervo Gold x EE Karmel by Baskafire)

"Val" is a beautiful multi-champion performance mare who is now making a name for herself as a dam of extremely beautiful foals.  Val, herself, has regional and national titles in performance, and her foals are already following in her footsteps.   In 2016, Val gave us a beautiful bay tobiano colt by WC Ciao Psyche!
WC Fames Monet
2009 Bay Purebred Arabian Mare
(Renaissanse  x  Fames Cameo by Fame VF+)

Monet is another of our lovely Renaissanse daughters to join our prized broodmare band.  Visit our "foals" page to see her beautiful 2015 WC Ali Gazal filly!  Monet gave us a handsome bay colt by WC Ali Gazal for 2017!
Mahotah Lisa
2005 Grey Purebred Mare
(Renaissanse  x  KL Mahotah Yasmin by Kallisto)

Beautiful and typey, Lisa is by our Ali Jamaal son, Renaissanse, while her dam is a lovely blend of Polish and Egyptian lines through Canadian National Champion Kaborr+++ and two illustrious *Morafic sons, U.S. National Futurity Champion Stallion, Ibn Morafic+++ and U.S. National Champion Futurity Stallion (and U.S. Top Ten Trail), Al Metrabbi++.  Izzy gave us a lovely gray filly by WC Ali Gazal for 2017! See the foals page for photos!
2/14/17     Bay Filly

2/28/17     Bay Filly

3/13/17     Bay Colt

3/16/17     Bay Filly

​3/31/17     Bay Filly

​4/3/17       Bay Filly

​3/30/17     Bay Filly

3/26/17     Tobiano Colt

​4/7/17       Grey Filly

4/13/17     Bay Filly

4/19/17     Bay Colt

5/25/17     Bay Colt
WC Lady Bey Dakhara
2007 Bay Mare
(*Dakharo x Lady Bey Khelisha by Bey Shah+)

By World Champion stallion, *Dakharo, and out of our AHW Aristocrat Bey Shah+ daughter, this mare has a pedigree that can't be beat. Khara is a maternal half sister to WC Gorgeous Gazal (by Gazal Al Shaqab) now owned by Dubai Arabian Stud. It is an exceptional mare family we are very proud of.  See our foals page for photos of the gorgeous filly by *Kanz Albidayer in 2017!
WC Enya Wildestdreams
2010 Bay Tobiano 7/8 Arabian Mare
(WC Ali Gazal x WC Enya Dreams by Renaissanse)

We are extremely proud to have the opportunity to use this exciting you Ali Gazal daughter in our program. She was U.S. National Reserve Champion Yearling Sweeps Filly and followed up that win with several more, both in halter and under saddle.  Enie gave us a handsome bay colt by WC Ciao Psyche for 2017.